Brain Research Based Advanced Achievement Systems




You can learn the facts and skills for total brain fitness and greater achievements! 


Over the last 12 years, there has been an explosion of Revolutionary Neuroscience Research Discoveries!

Listen to what one of the leading research neuroscientists in the world, Dr Richard Restak, has to say in his book, The New Brain (Rodale Press, 2003)

                "Brain Science is now capable of providing us with insight into the human brain that only a few years ago would have been considered the stuff of science fiction. An exciting consequence of this research is that by following certain brain-based guidelines, anyone can achieve expert performance in sports, business, or academic pursuits. Such findings of course run counter to the old traditional theory that winners are born not made.  This is not so.  Instead, it is now clear that by learning about and applying this new research, most of us can reasonably expect greatly enhanced personal levels of achievement."

I have gathered all of these unprecedented science-based findings and discoveries to share with you! 

                          Doug Bench, MS JD AAAS, author and brain expert

"In the last 9 years, I have read and analyzed over 94,000 pages
of books and research materials ALL about the brain.

I will show YOU how to use this remarkable information to reach
sensational levels of achievement and success."
    . . . Doug Bench, MS JD AAAS


  • 98 % of everything Scientists know about the  brain has been discovered in just the last 12 years. 

  • 80 % of what they thought was true about the brain before 1995, has now been found to be false. 

  • Nearly all of the medical brain research findings have fantastic applications as achievement, success, self-motivation tools and techniques- well beyond their medical importance alone. 

  • We don't use any pop-psych clichés or voodoo.


We have the Sixteen Science for Success Techniques that help you SCIENTIFICALLY reach transcendent levels of success and lifetime personal achievement.

Entire Brain Apples Blueprint Series of Advanced Achievement Seminars
[Over 70 hours of Facts, Tips, Techniques and Skills PRE-LOADED on mp3 Player!]

Learn how YOU Can Use the Astounding Breakthrough Discoveries in  Revolutionary  New Brain Research to:
     Stop Procrastination:                                         Scientifically.....Automatically!

     Reap the Rewards of Persistence:                         Scientifically.....Automatically!

     Gain PERMANENT SELF-Motivation Skills:                Scientifically.....Automatically!

     Learn to Achieve More.....A Lot More:                   Scientifically.....Automatically!

Starting Today:

  • You CAN  always reach your highest levels of personal achievement and success.

  • You CAN get self-help information and personal development techniques that last

  • You CAN entrust your  desires and goals for higher levels of motivation,  inspiration, performance, and lifetime achievements to SCIENCE. . .PERMANENTLY!

  • You CAN STOP WASTING MONEY NOW and  save your dollars spent on motivational books, tapes and seminars with personal improvement, personal growth, and self-help results that just don't last very long.

  • You can Improve your memory by 50% and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's too!

  • You CAN learn the recent revolutionary, brain-science research discoveries for PERMANENT SELF-MOTIVATION and Advanced Achievements!

    But don't expect to hear any motivation hype,  pop-psych voodoo, or clichés!
       We don't use 'em! There are no Success Secrets: THERE'S ONLY THE SCIENTIFIC FACTS!



Our Cutting-Edge Neuroscience Research-Based 16 Science for Success Techniques  and schedule for success, will show you all the tools, systems, skills and habits you need to help you SCIENTIFICALLY:

Reach Amazing Levels of Achievement & Unparalleled Success

Triple your productivity;

Overcome your self-imposed limitations;

Achieve athletic dominance & excellence;

Obtain AUTOMATIC Self-Motivation Skills;

Become much more creative & generate huge money-making ideas;

Turn thoughts into actions effortlessly & automatically;  

Be a quick, powerful problem-solver;

Always coach an undefeated team, no matter the score;

Develop the techniques to stop memory loss;

Greatly Reduce your risk of cognitive loss and Alzheimer's

Obtain PERMANENT Self-Motivation Skills;

Make your Willpower and Persistence, Automatic & Permanent;

Scientifically alter your thinking to eliminate even the chance of failure;

Reach ANY goal that you set;

Reach and MAINTAIN your ideal weight;

Make all of your dreams real Possibilities!


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                                                 Science for Success Secret Techniques for Permanently greater achieve-
                                                 ments, your 100 day schedule for success (to implement the 16 skills and
                                                 turn them into habits) and 101 brain science based strategies to implant
                                                 in your brain to skyrocket your achievements


              "Mind Your Brain" 16 CD Audio Textbook 20 hr Home Study System 
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                                                        Over 20 hrs of cutting-edge information to advance your achievements
                                             Permanently. Including the 16 greatest revolutionary recent brain
                                             research discoveries; the 16 Science for Success techniques and habits
                                             based on that research, we show you how to implement and the 100 day
                                             "schedule for success" to make sure it sticks!



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                                         to the top 3% in the world! Plus a SPECIAL BONUS with this package:
                                         Doug's Annotated Bibliography-His notes on every book and research
                                         report he's read AND a seminar describing the TOP 25 Brain Science
                                         achievement-based books of all time! The information is priceless!

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You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of greater achievements to gain.

"ALL of my systems have a 100% iron-clad, no-questions-asked guarantee!"


"I have listened to Doug's CDs every day in my truck, and in the last two years my income has tripled!"
Chris M. Florida

Doug's explanation on how your brain works and how to work your brain is fantastic! There is nothing
out there like it or that even comes close.  For the first time I really get it! I really understand how to make it work!
 Michelle P. California

Doug, I have used your brain science ideas to lose over 100 lbs without even dieting!
But you're going to put yourself out of business. Once people learn your stuff they won't need you anymore!
                                                 Darwin R. Florida


Here is the Table of Contents of
everything on the pre-loaded mp3 player:

Your Brain Apples Brain Science-Based 100 day Game Plan to Build a Better Brain for Greater Performance, Greater Productivity, Greater Achievements, Outrageous Money-Making Ideas, Greater Brain Health and Memory, a reduced risk of Alzheimer's . . . . and a Better Life!

1. "The Beginning" How and Why I became a brain authority. 1 hr

2. "The Answer" How you know when you should send your mind to Brain School? 5 min

3. "Brain School Orientation" An Introduction to brain improvement techniques. 1 hr
a. Neuroplasticity-the greatest discovery!
b. The RAS-your brain's most powerful tool!
c. Trigger a Thunderstorm-your brain's secret weapon
d. Sync-Up your conscious and non-conscious thinking-for 500% greater results!

4. "Brain School 101" Your first steps to learn the brain science discoveries and 2 hr
science-based techniques that will skyrocket your achievements.

5. "Mind Your Brain" Your Flagship Graduate Studies Ultimate Audio Textbook 18 hr
Course to PERMANENTLY Motivate and Revolutionize Your Brain inculding:
a. The 12 most revolutionary brain science discoveries of the last decade.
b. The 16 Brain Apples Techniques to kiss your old brain goodbye!
c. Your 101 brain science-based strategies that will turbopower your thinking!
d. Your 100 day schedule for success-Your "how-to" roadmap to apply it all!

Supplemental Studies (Electives)
6. "Brain for Business" How to train your brain to come up with money-making 5 hr
ideas-how to build a website-what should be on your website-how to get
traffic-what brain based questions to ask that will triple your closing rate-
and much,much more!

7. "Brain Science of Weight Control and Management"- How to lose the weight you 2 hr
want and to keep it off, using brain science knowledge NOT hocus-pocus!

8. "Brain Science of Undefeated Coaching"-How to use brain science to ALWAYS 2 hr
coach an undefeated team of athletes, employees, or matter
what the final score!

9. "The Brain Science of Prayer" Can prayer make physiological changes in your 2 hr
brain? The answer may shock you!

10. "Top Tweet Tips" The most important brain improvement tips that I post on 1 hr
Twitter ...explained in short but complete snipits!

11. "Byte-Size Brain Apples" Digest versions of Brain Apples Techniques to keep 1 hr
your brain sharp and on top of your game!

12. "Doug the Brain Training Guy-LIVE on Stage!" A live recording of one of my 3 hr
Brain Training Speeches before a group of nearly 1000 attendees for Mark
Victor Hansen, author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" [Includes moving skit-
"A Dreamer's Anthology-Of Baseball. Best Friends, and Bestsellers"]

13. "Doug the Brain Training Guy Radio Show" Over 30 of my International Radio 30 hr
Programs that go out every week over the Internet to thousands of listeners.
Show Topics include, "Get Weird to Get Wired-How to Avoid Alzheimer's-
Caution-Your Brain May be Killing You-Train Your Brain for Money-Making....

14. "Opti the Mystic" Listen to "Trigger a Thunderstorm" for peak performance! 15min

You have incredible brain power! Learn to use it ALL!

Learn SCIENTIFICALLY how to use it to change your life!


Learn how YOU Can Use the Astounding Breakthrough Discoveries in  Revolutionary  New Brain Research to:

Stop Procrastination:                                         Scientifically.....Automatically!

Reap the Rewards of Persistence:                     Scientifically.....Automatically!

Gain PERMANENT SELF-Motivation Skills:        Scientifically.....Automatically!

Learn to Achieve More.....A Lot More:               Scientifically.....Automatically!

Over the last 9 years, there has been an explosion of Revolutionary Neuroscience Research Discoveries!

Listen to what one of the leading research neuroscientists in the world, Dr Richard Restak, has to say in his book, The New Brain (Rodale Press, 2003)

                "Brain Science is now capable of providing us with insight into the human brain that only a few years ago would have been considered the stuff of science fiction. An exciting consequence of this research is that by following certain brain-based guidelines, anyone can achieve expert performance in sports, business, or academic pursuits.

                "Such findings of course run counter to the old traditional theory that winners are born not made.  This is not so.  Instead, it is now clear that by learning about and applying this new research, most of us can reasonably expect greatly enhanced personal levels of achievement."

We have gathered all of these unprecedented science-based findings and

discoveries to share with you! 



Byte-Size Brain Apples

Short, quick video lessons that can skyrocket
your achievements and brain performance!

Byte-Size Brain Apple #01


Go to and do a search for "theBSdoctor" and "Brain Training Guy" for Many More Byte-Size Brain Apples Secrets



Would you rather learn using audio CDs to get ALL of the DETAILS and the
     above books for FREE!?


Then You are just 20  hours away from the moment your life

changes for the better...forever!



"Mind Your Brain"



Your Textbook for Advanced Achievements

If you want to:

1. ...skyrocket your achievement levels.

2. learn the recent revolutionary brain research secrets to stop procrastination, stop quitting and start excelling.  Really excelling!

3. ...DON'T want to hear any more "rah rah" self-help stuff that doesn't work and doesn't last.

4. ...learn a no-risk, no failure, guaranteed never before revealed, science based Advanced Achievement  Skills System.

5.  ...achieve more...a LOT MORE! 


"The next 100 days can change your life: 


"Mind Your Brain"



Your AUDIO Textbook for Advanced Achievements


During the last 9 years, an explosion of new brain-research has produced great information about the brain and how it works. 

This scientific research uses sophisticated, newly invented, computer driven imaging techniques to reveal to brain scientists (neuroscientists), exquisitely detailed information about the inner workings of the brain.

Thanks to this revolutionary new research, scientists are providing insights into the human brain that only a few years ago, would have been considered the stuff of science fiction!

I have read, in the last five years, more than 80,000 pages of books, research papers and reports about these findings.

The exciting consequence of this research is that YOU, if you learn and follow certain brain research based guidelines,  can reach enormously enhanced performance levels and achievements.

I know this runs counter to what the skeptics and negativists have said.  But they are wrong!  Scientifically!  It is now clear that by learning about and applying this new research, you and I, in fact everyone can reasonably expect greatly enhanced personal levels of achievement.

These words above are not my hype.  They are the words of one of the most respected Research Neuroscientists in the world, Dr. Richard Restak, in his book "The New Brain."

I have all of these techniques for you!  I discovered them in the 80,000 pages of readings!   I have two college degrees in physiology. I have done the research! More than you can imagine!  And have translated these technical-medical research findings into language you can understand, learn and use to your great advantage!

I have been teaching them for more than a 4 years now as a part of my 9 Science for Success Techniques in our learning Systems, "Motivation Automation" and "Mastery of Advanced Achievements" System and have sold over 200,000 CDs and reports world-wide.

  Judge Doug Bench                               

Now comes new research findings within the past 300 days, that lead to the discovery of 7 more new techniques, never before revealed that can:

  • Skyrocket your achievements. 

  • Create within you, permanently high levels of self-motivation.

  • Create in you, an automatic resistance to procrastination.

  • Help you overcome quitting and failure -once and for all!

  • Eliminate even the thought or fear of failure.

  • Make you into a quick, powerful problem-solver.

  • Overcome that one mysterious brain-caused shortcoming that has always kept you from reaching your ultimate goals.

  • Teach you to generate money-making idea after idea.

  • Quickly develop a brain-habit to ALWAYS complete every task you start!

  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs held in your nonconscious brain for years through no fault (or knowledge) of your own!

  • Teach you one quick brain tool that will instantly catapult you to the top 5% of achievers in the world!



Your life can begin to change for the better...forever.

I will be presenting all of the science research-based information that you need in the brand new, never before offered anywhere, 

"Mind Your Brain"



Your AUDIO Textbook for Advanced Achievements

This is not a short ebook or short audio tape.  It will take 20 hours on CDs to get you this information that took me 5 years to learn.  20 hours to help you learn all of the techniques to accelerate your achievements permanently to the top and beyond!

Do not get left behind!  Those who learn this now will be far advanced of their competition!

Have you wondered why you procrastinated and gave up on a goal, even though you had great willpower to reach that goal?

Brain research and Doug Bench  know!  Your willpower is active in only 1/6th of your brain.

 I will teach you how this works and how to instantly make your willpower active and effective over all of your brain.  And not only that, I will teach you how to make this automatic from now on!

Have you read a self-help book or listened to a self-help tape and get all fired up only to lose that fire in just a few days or even a few hours?

Brain Researchers and Judge Doug Bench know it has been proven that it is physiologically impossible to stay motivated by reading a self-help book or listening to a self-help tape.

I will teach you how and why this is, and what you can do in just a few days to totally overcome this problem and keep yourself motivated permanently!

Have you ever set a goal and ended up getting exactly the opposite of what you wanted.  This is because of something nearly everyone does that sabotages your success before you even start.

I now know what causes this scientifically, and will teach you the one thing that you must do before you start any project or else you are doomed to failure!

Will this System of the New 16 Science for Success Techniques work for you?

YES!  The research results are science-based.  Science is consistent and will not fail.  And neither will you!

Look, all of the Internet Marketing gurus tell you that you really have to lay on the hype to get people to recognize something that is really good, because of all the garbage out there on the Internet.

Well I agree about the garbage stuff, but I hope you can see how valuable this is for you.

I know you want to achieve more in your life.  And I don't mean just in money matters either.

It could be anything that brings more joy into your life. And I know that these science-based tools and techniques can help you get it!  Quicker and for less effort!  I have seen the results of our 9 Science for Success Techniques and they have been fantastic for people.  Just read some of their stories and testimonials down below here.

And now, because of the tremendously successful ongoing research, we have found more techniques that will help you even more, and assure your success, if you just learn and apply these techniques.

***What has been found is that your brain can sometimes override what you are thinking or want at the conscious level.  (You may have already heard about this.)

But did you know that now, based on the brain research, you can be taught to recognize in advance when this is going to happen, so that you can eliminate the possibility of failure before-hand?

***I can teach you to turn your best thoughts into action automatically, without even requiring you to call upon your willpower!

***Did you know that nearly 90% of your brain's ability to use neurons for imagination and visualization (both very important problem-solving, leadership, and decision-making tools) have been rendered useless by the time you reach 40 years old?

I will teach you how to reconnect and use these even better than before!

*** I will show you one quick and easy change made in your brain habits that will improve you health and reduce your risk of serious illness by up to 50%...automatically!

***There is a scientific reason why all of those old self-improvement books and tapes have not helped you consistently, no-matter how good they were. And some of them were great! 

But nearly all of them neglected the one scientific ingredient that I give you in the first 10 minutes of the tele-course that will insure the positive effects of your learning our System and 16 Techniques will last a lifetime for you!

***This "Mind Your Brain" GRAND MASTERS TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING HOME STUDY COURSE  is not like anything you have ever seen.  The SCIENCE will show you exactly what to do to make lasting, permanent changes for the better. 

***Imagine what you will be able to achieve when you learn scientifically, how to make failure impossible! How to reach right into your brain...ALL of your brain-conscious and nonconscious- and make positive permanent changes!

You will start to reach amazing (even when you don't think you can) levels of achievement and unparalleled success.

***I will show one small change you can make in your brain to quickly achieve athletic dominance and excellence.

***Your memory will improve, all of a sudden you will remember names easily, you will not forget to do your daily tasks, your productivity will double or triple and you will generate more free time, not less!  I am not kidding.  This is SCIENCE! (see testimonials below)

***I teach you how to focus ALL of your mind on a past success, so that you can transfer those neuron patterns into your present tasks and use that success to skyrocket your current achievements.  But I can't give away any more of that secret technique here.  You will learn it in the "MIND YOUR BRAIN" MASTERY OF ADVANCED ACHIEVEMENT Home Study Course.  I promise.

All of these science research based tools and techniques will work for you personally; and they will work if you are a coach of an athletic team.  I used the basics of these techniques to coach 2 undefeated high school teams through 54 straight winning competitions without even knowing how or why they worked until now!

***They will work for you in your business, for you with your employees, or as a parent.  They are universal laws of science that you can apply to nearly all of your life challenges with great success


1.  The System must be based on real-life scientific facts and results.

      Scientific research has proven that any inspirational or motivational materials that are not based on how your brain functions and retains information, will have no lasting impact.

2.  The System must utilize teaching methods that are easily understood by the average listener or reader.

I don't care how great the stuff is, if it is presented in a language that you can't understand, it can't help you. I can't even spell those big words!

3.  The System must be real with real results and taught by someone who has used it for their own success in the real world.

I personally have used our 16 Techniques for over a year now, with great financial and personal life success.  And I have run tests using the brand new techniques to be sure they are "real" and the results have been fantastic!  I will tell you all about them!

4.  The System can't require hours each day to provide any help.  You just don't have that kind of time!

The "Mind Your Brain" GRAND MASTERS TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING HOME STUDY COURSE, , can be learned and implemented in just 30 minutes per day for about 100 days.  Can you find that much time to achieve more...a lot more and improve you life forever?!

5.  The System must have a no risk iron clad guarantee for the students.

Why would you ever invest in a system that promised you all kinds of great things and then they didn't even believe in it enough themselves to back it up with a no risk guarantee. 

Our  "Mind Your Brain" GRAND MASTERS TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING HOME STUDY COURSE has a full one year, no risk to you guarantee.  If for any reason, after you give our System a FULL TRY, and APPLY our System and Techniques for at least 100 days, you feel it was not up to what you expected or the value you wanted, just contact me personally and we will return every penny you paid for it, no hard feelings and no questions asked.  Yes, it is that good!

I will take all of the risk off of you so that you will take this Home Study Course.  I know it can help you.  It is science based!  Science does not fail

You don't even have to make a decision right now!  There is no risk.  Try it!  Your achievements and your life are about to take a quantum leap forward.  You have my word on it.  You have science behind it.  You can not lose

Look at what others are saying about the Science for Success System and Techniques:

" learning from you Doug, I have learned from a Master. In just a few hours I have learned more than from all of the other self-help stuff I have tried all together. I will practice your science principles forever.  They make sense and they work!"  Hal Monte., Pennsylvania.


"...I had no idea that was what was going on in my mind, sorry-my brain- and holding me back against my will.  Once I practiced your Innerstates Technique, the achievements started piling up quickly!  Thank you Doug.  Thank you Science!  Rose Pagendt.  England.


"..Doug, I can never repay you for how much you have helped me to change my life for the better.  I have lost over 120 pounds now, and I never did go on a "Diet".  But I think you have made a mistake.  Your science-based system is so good for people that you will be putting yourself out of business for them! They won't need you any more once they learn to automate their motivation"  Darwin Richards., Ft. Myers, Florida.


"Wow!  I never realized how negatively I was talking to myself.  That must have been creating some real clear failure images in my brain.  But thanks to your system, they are gone now, and I am a much more confident, excited achiever. Thank you!" Michael Kuziak. Columbus, Ohio


"The  information you shared in just that first hour was incredible and I wished we could stand on top of a mountain and share it with the whole world!" Liz Antilino. New York City.


"I am a 21 year old student from Holland and have always been very interested in the brain but couldn't find much information about it. I have read your material and it is fantastic!  This is a great opportunity for me to learn to speak, read and write better English. Because of your information, I know that I can. Thank you for sharing your knowledge". Frans Duijts, The Netherlands (Holland)


"There is now nothing holding me back from massive achievements!  I completed your CD System just over 60 days ago and already our sales have doubled.  I will be sure to do my "maintenance" as you suggested, and I have already reached and rewritten my goals twice!  Look out world!"  Dennis Miles., San Diego, California

      "Mind Your Brain"



Your AUDIO Textbook for Advanced Achievements

That all sounds great, but will it work for you?

All of the tools and information that we will share with you in the Home Study Course, has been researched, tested and found to be scientifically significant.   This is science and not some form of hocus pocus.  Therefore it will not fail you. 

In fact, most of the information in our system is already working within you.  You just are not yet aware of the "why" and "how"  to put this to use for you in the best possible way.

So, if you are really fed up with not having what you want and deserve in your life, and if you are getting more of what you don't want, than what you do want-join us.

The 16 new Science for Success Techniques will not only work for you, it will enable you to achieve more, a lot more.  And you have nothing to lose.  Nothing to risk.  (See our iron-clad no/questions/asked guarantee)


I am not going to insult your intelligence with some hyped junk about what this course is worth to you.  I want to take your brain to its highest level, not insult you.  Only you can see what this Home Study Course and System and 16 Science for Success Techniques can do for you.  I have spent over 6,000 hours doing the research and testing, and writing and retesting to make sure I give you only the best information and tools.

The value to you and the results you will attain are extraordinary.  You have my word on it.  You have my no-hassle, no questions guarantee on it.  You have my enthusiasm, my excitement, and most of all, you have the science research behind it.  And proven science facts do not fail.  Neither will you.  You will achieve more, a lot more.


I have tried my best to keep the tuition for this course at a balance between the extraordinary value of this never before revealed information, the costs involved in producing the course and the audio  CDs,  and the cost of the research of the over 80,000 pages itself.  Realistically I could easily charge over $4500.00 for the 20 hour course.  I have seen many courses and classes that charge even more than that for much less information that doesn't even work.

But I wanted to make this course available to the most people possible world-wide.  Tell everyone you know! This information for advanced achievements is too important.  So I have set the tuition at $247.00 for the 20 hour course.  This will include the set of audio  CDs of the course, that will change your life for the better-forever! You also can get a written transcript of the 20 hour  "Mind Your Brain" GRAND MASTERS TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING HOME STUDY COURSE, AND sign up for our 4 hour BONUS COURSE: "BRAIN FOR BUSINESS"  FREE

No more excuses.  No more hype.  Go for it!  Go for it ALL! I will help you every step of the way!

  ***20 hours of neuroscience-based learning, practicing, and perfecting the Science of Permanent Self-Motivation and the NEW 16 Science for Success Techniques.

***NO motivation clichés.

*** 16 audio Seminar CDs

***All of the newest Neuroscience Research on Self-Motivation and Advanced Achievement. 

***NO Pop-Psych VooDoo!

***Science-based Brain Exercises to preserve your memory and increase your intelligence.

***How to use Neuroscience to get the most out of you and your employees. 

***How to close 3 times the number of sales by asking just 3 neuroscience research based questions of your customers that trigger their brains to want only you and your services! [In the Bonus Course]

***How to scientifically use your brain to think more, work less, and triple your income all at the same time! 

***What you have to scientifically know about Why a positive attitude is not necessary for success. 

*** What 95% of people who start a new project absolutely must do, but fail to do which scientifically dooms their success before they even start.


     "Mind Your Brain"



Your AUDIO Textbook for Advanced Achievements


 You develop a much better memory!

·       You boost your creativity!

·       You think more clearly and make better decisions!

·       You are a better problem-solver!

·       You are much more productive every day!

·       You elevate your work and business success!

·       You are years ahead of your competition!

·       You are healthier, happier and feel better!

  • You develop money-making idea after idea

  • You are a superior, more skilled athlete!

·       You are invisible to negative people!

·       You are immune to the procrastination bug!

·       You reach your goals and find total success!

●    You will learn:

  • The astounding capacity of the brain!

  • The biology of your subconscious powers

  •  The scientific proof for the necessity of optimism.

  •  Make your neurons, neurotransmitters, amygdala, limbic system, synapses, reticular activating system, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and hormones, your best weapons for achievement!

  •  BRAIN PLASTICITY, your neuro-success guarantee!

  •  How to LIE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS!  (Ethically)

  •  How to change your evolution, so you can stop your negative thoughts! Permanently!

  •  How to wash your brain, trust the darkness and always pull your triggers for high achievement and total success!


 We GUARANTEE that YOU will learn and gain the following benefits:

1. How to stop wasting your money on self-help books, tapes, and seminars. The revolutionary scientific research solution for success!

BENEFIT: You will learn the science of permanent self motivation and therefore no longer need tons and tons of additional future personal achievement and self-help tools.

2. How evolution has prepared you for total failure and the neuro-science discoveries you must learn to overcome that programming, for your children and for yourself!

BENEFIT: You will learn to speed up your evolution in order to obtain an automatic positive mental attitude.

3. How your nonconscious brain cells can create bad moods that you are not even aware of, and the techniques that you must learn to re-channel those neurons for success.

BENEFIT: You will learn to recognize and control all of your rollercoaster moods.

4. You can lie your way to achievement and success!  (Ethically)  Learn the scientific proof and learn how!

BENEFIT: You will learn how to scientifically fake it so that you'll make it.

5. What you absolutely must know if you are over forty! The latest research discoveries and techniques to improve your problem-solving abilities, and your memory!

BENEFIT: You will become much more creative, a better problem-solver, and develop the techniques to stop memory loss.

6. Do those subliminal tapes that you listen to while you sleep really work? The science facts revealed!

BENEFIT: NO!  See #1 above. 

7. How you can translate the latest findings from stroke therapy and osteoarthritis research into your tools for business and personal achievement!

BENEFIT: The tremendous recent medical science research discoveries can be applied by you for achievement and success.  I will tell you how!

8. What nearly 95% of all people on a diet do that guarantees their failure before they even start. How you can avoid this fate!

BENEFIT: New neuroscience discoveries that I teach you, can make you lose weight and not gain it back, even without going on a diet.

9. Synaptic Plasticity: The greatest brain science discovery in 200 years; why you’ve never heard about it; and how you can turn it into your most powerful tool for permanent greater achievement and success.

BENEFIT: You will never again be able to say, "I'm just too old to learn anything new."        "I was born stupid" or "That's just the way I am."

10. Motivation Automation! How to develop in 30-120 days or less, permanent neurodes in your cerebral cortex that will automatically guarantee a life-time of greater achievement for you.

BENEFIT: Your willpower, persistence, and long term achievement will become automatic!

Your time is now!

     "Mind Your Brain"



Your AUDIO Textbook for Advanced Achievements


What if you knew, think of this, what if you knew you COULD NOT FAIL.  Just imagine it, what if you knew you positively, absolutely could not fail and that you would reach every goal and resolution that you set for yourself in 2007-2008?  Would that influence what goals you would choose?  Would that motivate you?

What if Neuroscience Discoveries could make that happen?

Member:  American Association for the Advancement of Science

For years we knew that any motivational speech or materials could only provide a short term fix.  For years we wondered why we were being paid so much to give a speech to motivate people, knowing that it was not going to last very long.

Knowing that physiologically, the bubble would burst in only a few hours, days or weeks at the most, and then you would be right back where you were before they paid that money for a speech or you read that book.  That stunk!  It was all hype and pop-psych voodoo.

So I returned to my roots.  Neuroscience Research.  Years and years ago I did science research at the University of Toledo, trying to determine how certain stimuli would effect physical performance and achievement.  But I had gotten far away from science.  Into the law and into fake emotions as a way to influence people.  But that doesn't last.

I wanted to find a way to help people make their motivation permanent.  Could this be done?  Well, in just the last few years, there have been some revolutionary neuroscience research discoveries, that makes the answer to this question a resounding yes!

If you can learn these research facts, and if you can learn to apply them, it is now possible to eliminate the chance of failure.

It is possible to make your brain function automatically!  And so that you cannot fail.  This is fantastic information and I have IT to share with you.

Invest in this Home Study Course Now.    I will help you practice the NEW 16 Science for Success Techniques so that you can make your self-motivation permanent.  So that you can eliminate scientifically, any chance of failure.


Think back to the time that you were the most motivated to do something in your whole life...

Was it a new car that you just had to have?  Was it the love of your life, that you just had to find a way to marry?  (Love is a great motivator.) 

Was it after an inspirational story on TV, or as you read a motivating book or article?  Was it when you saw your children going without the things that all the other kids had, and they didn't understand?

Was it when you realized you were working way more hours than you wanted, because you wanted more time with  your family?  What was it?  What was the event that got you so fired up that you were just about to burst with energy?  What made you so strong that you didn't even think about failing. Nothing could stand in your way!  Remember that feeling?  Remember that desire?  It became more than just something you wanted, it became something you had to have.

How long did that feeling last?  Did you stay at that level of motivation for a day, a week, a month?  Did you get all of the motivational tapes, and books that you could find?  When did you start to feel that energy slipping?  Did they work?

It just blows my mind.  I ask my audiences how long they stay motivated when they listen to a motivational speaker or read a motivational book.  Even a book or tape from some of the most famous and great motivators like Anthony Robbins or Zig Ziglar.  And the response is always the same, "Two days...two hours...1 week...'til I got out of the the parking lot!" 

Neuroscientists have found, and proven biologically, that nearly all motivational techniques cannot create lasting high levels of motivation.  Why? 

Because before now all of the motivators of the world, all of the books and tapes appealed to emotions and your consciousness to inspire you. Until now they thought this was the only way to reach high levels of motivation.  And everyone knew that it could not be permanent...until now.

Now, in just the last few years, neuroscience research has revealed that the human brain "thinks" in 6 areas at a time, and that only one of these is your conscious level of thinking.  5/6ths of your brain-power is at your nonconscious level.  And in those areas you are not even aware of what you're thinking about, let alone controlling it.

But now things can change.  Science, not rah-rah voodoo, is finding that you CAN learn to control all 6 parts of your brain.  You can learn to program your non-conscious thinking to put your brain on "auto-pilot" so that no matter what you are thinking at the conscious level, you can maintain that high energy level equal to when you first got motivated.

 Whether something that happens is negative or optimistic, it cannot deter the power of your much larger and controlling part of your brain and mind, IF you have programmed that enormously powerful nonconscious part properly.

 What if I told you that today, scientifically, you could learn techniques systems and programs, so that your level of motivation, no matter what you did consciously, and no matter what others say to you or do, will always stay at the highest level you have ever been at in your entire life? 

A scientific internal brain-power from within you that when switched on will unlock, permanently unlock, the doors to your success and to have the ability become whatever you want.

Do you think you could have all that you dream of?  Reach all of your goals for this year?  Experience a life of abundance? Scientifically?

You can.  I have read the new research; we have talked with the experts.  I have spent over 6,000 hours in the books.  I have the data and information for you. 

And most importantly I have developed the techniques, systems, programs, and tools so that you can learn the SCIENCE of Permanent Self-Motivation. And it is already inside of you.  It's not in some TV guru's video tape.

Imagine the possibilities for you:

You don't have to fear procrastination or quitting anymore.  You don't have to spend hundred of dollars on every so called motivational book or tape that comes along.

You can learn to motivate YOURSELF.  You can learn to control ALL of your brain and have it working automatically towards all of your greatest dreams and achievements.

Your capacity for achievement and success has been expanded by hundreds of times, with the revolutionary neuroscience discoveries of just the last few years.  No matter how you want to apply that capacity.

Whether it's to get thinner or to quit smoking.  Whether it's to motivate your children or to be a better parent.  To have a more successful business or career or even to motivate your employees.

This new scientific information can set you free.  And it's already there.  Right inside that little three pounds of jelly called your brain.  The most complete and powerful machine in the Universe.

Remember the last time you bought a new car?  The one you bought that was unlike any you had had before.  You were so proud of that car.  It was so special.  You had worked so hard to get it.

Remember what happened from the day you drove it home?  You started seeing cars just like it everywhere.  It seemed like everyone had one. 

Were you consciously looking for cars like yours just before you saw everyone of them?  No.  Then what was it?  It was happening AUTOMATICALLY:  by that all powerful 5/6th of your brain called your nonconscious or subconscious, sending you an automatic message.  How did that happen?

Scientists now know.  And you can learn to apply that same scientific principle to bring great wealth to you.  I will show you how.  That is just one of  116 scientifically based laws that I have turned into methods for permanent self-motivation and success that are included in the "MIND YOUR BRAIN" SYSTEM

How to zero in on the AUTOMATIC scientific mechanism that will propel you into sustained, perpetual action and excitement, resulting in unconditional success and achievements in all areas of your life.

You have to know the scientific "How."  You have to know the scientific "Why."

Our System can empower you with the knowledge and ability to overcome stubborn obstacles like fear, stress, lack of money and procrastination, once and for all.

You can become a Master at how to be self-motivated.  But not just how to be motivated.  Our System shows you how to "get YOURSELF" motivated.  How to make it fun.  How to be creative.  How to tap into your absolutely unlimited sources of true inspiration and determination.  How to achieve, by the shortest route, what you truly desire in life!


Why should you believe me and what I'm saying?

I have learned research findings from some of the most famous and widely known neuroscientists in the world:

V.S. Ramachandran, MD, PhD;

Charles F. Stevens, MD, PhD;

Terrance Sejnowski, PhD,

Richard Restak, MD

 Several of these people did their work and research at the Salk Institute in San Diego.  This research center has in the past won the Nobel Prize, and is respected worldwide for the quality of their research teams.

The information that they presented, and the answers they gave me when I questioned each of them, is information you must have.

ALL of their findings relate to the Science of Permanent Self-Motivation and Advanced Achievement and I will be presenting the data, techniques and relationship for you in our course.

Here are just some of the categories that the absolute most current, freshest, and most fantastic research findings  that I learned the answers to in San Diego:

1.  Can you learn while you are asleep?  If so, how must you do it?

2.  What is the absolute one thing that you must first do every time you want to set a goal or else you are doomed to failure before you even start?

3.  It is now scientifically proven:  your brain will actually IMPROVE with age IF you do this.

4.  How to make a bad memory vanish, instantly!

5.  What conditions are necessary to make your brain work best- every time!

6.  Do this and you can manage pain- forever.

7.  How to always train your brain to set priorities, solve problems, and take action.

8.  It has been known for a few years now that new brain cells are "born" even late in life.  This was very good news, that I have previously told you about. It's called Neurogenesis. But all of these new neurons will be useless and die unless you do this one thing

You, your family, and your employees will be miles ahead of your competition with this information and our techniques.

Look, this is too important.  You don't even have to believe me now.  Just pretend that you do, or pretend that it just might be true.   This course and all of the system is 100% iron-clad, no questions money refunded solid, if you feel you didn't get your investment in valuable information.


Here it is.  After extensive and exhaustive readings, I have found the following to be the absolute Secret to SuccessThe Science for Success Secret.  If you can gain the information, tools and techniques to apply this Secret, you will be a great achiever, a success, a leader in your field!  No questions.  No doubts.  And no more failures!

Listen carefully. 

1.  Your BEHAVIOR, how you act (or fail to act), most directly controls your success or failure.  How you act.  Your actions.   Your behavior GENERATES ALL OF YOUR RESULTS!!.  A series of  correct actions strung together equals success.  So where does your behavior come from or what controls your behavior (action/RESULTS)?

2.  What controls your behavior?  Your FEELINGS.  Every action  you take is first filtered through your feelings that come up from your nonconscious brain.  How you feel about something most directly control or effect what you DO and how well you do it (the action).  So where do your feelings come from?

3.  Your feelings are created, controlled, or most directly influenced by your ATTITUDES. Your attitude is your perspective from which you view life.  Whatever attitude you have about anything will effect how you feel, which effects how you act.  In order to possess the right feelings to create correct actions you need good attitudes.  So where do your attitudes come from?

4.  Your attitudes are no accident.  They do not go down the neuron patterns out of nowhere.  They are created, controlled and most directly influenced by- Your BELIEFS.  What you believe about anything will determine your attitude about it, create your feelings, and direct your action.  Belief neuron patterns are so powerful that they can even make something appear to be something different from what it really is!  Belief does not require things to factually be the way we see it!  It only requires us to believe that it is!  We all have thousands of beliefs.  Big and Small.  What makes you believe?  Were you born with them?  Did they just magically appear.

They are no accident of nature.  So where do your beliefs come from?

5.  Your beliefs are created, controlled and most directly influenced by your THOUGHTS.  And where do your thoughts come from?  Here it comes!  The secret for success.  Your thoughts, scientifically have biological-physiological electrical properties.  They can be seen, touched and they are real.   Everything you accept from the outside world and everything you feed yourself from within are a product of your thoughts, and your thoughts are real things!

Therefore, if you learn scientifically to control your thoughts, you will AUTOMATICALLY CONTROL your-beliefs-attitudes-feelings and ACTIONS.

The Big secret to success, is that you don't need a secret to success, if you know and can apply the science for success!

Control your thoughts= Control your life.

Thoughts are physically real things!

That is what we can teach you.  Join us for the Home Study Course!

If not now for you....when?

What you get:

1.  16 audio CDs covering:

      A.  The 16 most Recent and Revolutionary brain research Discoveries ever and how YOU can use them to Achieve more...a lot more!!

      B.  116 Neuroscience research-based Lessons- you can use and apply these NOW and Forever to Accelerate and PERMANENTLY Advance Your Achievements.

     C.  The 16 Science for Success Techniques-learn and apply these and your enhanced Achievement Skills will become AUTOMATIC and PERMANENT.

     D.  Your 100 day Schedule for Success-A day-by-day, step-by-step schedule and plan to implement everything that you have learned!

2.  A Link for the written Transcript of all of the audio Lessons.  To have and to read over and over again to Maintain your new high levels of success!

3.  The Bonus Course:  "Brain for Business-How to Use Revolutionary Brain Research Facts to Triple Your Income while working Less, on the Internet and in Your Job or Business!"   A 5 CD Bonus Course!

     a.  How to train your brain to bring you money making ideas automatically!

     b.  How to set up a website for under $200.00 to market your ideas while you sleep!

     c.  How to get a ton of traffic to those websites, and put them on autopilot.

     d. 3 neuroscience based questions you should use in your sales presentations that will be likely to more than double your closing ratios!

     e.  Judge Doug Bench's brain skills based "One-Page Website Idea" that can add multiple rivers of income to your bottom line.

     f. And many more brain-science based secrets, tricks, and techniques to increase your business productivity and income.




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